Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hot Sushi

On Friday night as I returned home from my sightseeing adventures I stopped at City Super and picked up some sushi as they were closing. They put their big assortment platters on sale at the end of the night and I couldn't resist buying this huge spread of nigiri and maki for $60 HKD ($10 CAD). When I got home I savoured the rolls with rich chinese soya sauce and fresh, chunky wasabi, but I could even finish half of the feast I had brought home. So the leftovers went into my fridge. It wasn't until dinner time the next day that I remembered it and a quick smell told me I couldn't stomach the salmon and tuna raw, so I decided to flash fry all the fish, eel and squid (toppings form the sashimi) and microwave the rice balls after soaking them in more soya sauce. I put it all together with some more fresh wasabi and pickled ginger and, I have to say, it was one of the best meals I have cooked for myself recently! Whoda thunkit? And although I am sure most chefs would cringe at the mere thought of it, I think cooked sushi is awesome. As explained in Sushi Etiquette, in Chinese, sushi consists of two characters: Fish on the left and Delicious on the right.

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