Friday, November 14, 2008

The Giant Small Child Eater

I have a very funny student who likes to stay after school with his best friend and sometimes one other friend. Together they make quite a comedy team. I teach them silly games, I let they draw on the white board, we play wicker ball challenge and dynamite balloon, or they make up wildly random games like marker-bat baseball.

Yesterday my class comedian tells me that he had a dream the night before that I was a giant cartoon who locked the three of them (who are all in my class) in the Simpson's garage. I told they had ten days to find a way out and then they had to make it to the airport to obtain freedom, otherwise I would eat them! On the ninth day one of then busted a hole in the garage wall with a giant hammer and they all began running towards the airport. I guess they only made it about half way before a giant me came crashing after them, snatched them up and ATE THEM! We all laughed a lot during his narrative recount of his dream, and now we make silly jokes about "Ms. Cahusac, the giant small child eater".

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