Monday, November 17, 2008

My new place

On Sunday, I made 9 trips in and out of my flat. First I took my laundry to the laundry place, which is about 6 blocks from my flat. You simply drop it off and pick it up in about 6 hours, or the next day. Then I went home and cleaned house for a few hours. Next I decided to go out and walk around the wet markets to take pictures and just explore. I bought some fruit and went home and had a fruit salad. A little while later I was bored again, and to avoid sitting down to edit my repost cards, I went out again. This time I found a plant vendor at the market and bargained for 3 medium sized, gorgeous house plants. Home again. Then right back out to find a place to buy potting soil and some ceramic pots. Home again with 4 lime green pots and 2 bags of soil. When I was potting the plants and deciding where they should live, I decided it was time to arrange my flat differently. Since the day I moved in, the furniture has been the way it was when the last tenant lived there. It is 500 small square feet, so there aren't exactly endless ways to rearrange the place. I only moved a few things, but it changed everything. All of a sudden it felt like my own space, a layout that I designed, and I love it. The plants are such a huge improvement to the space as well. Satisfied temporarily, I sat down to edit my reports. Next, I went out to get a few things a the grocery store. Home again. Bored, avoiding the stack of marking on the desk (which is now situated in the wonderful sunlit corner of 2 windows). Out again. I found another gorgeous lime green antique Chinese plant pot and bought it for $40 HKD ($6.50 CAD). Home again. Oopps, I forgot to get soy milk. Out to the grocery store again. Back home with 10 other items I didn't really need from the grocery store. Home for a bit, and then I remembered my laundry. Out again to pick it up and then home again to make dinner (thai red rice and veggies) and get that marking done. After my marking I went out for one last treat, my favorite, the frozen yogurt place 3 blocks away that serves tangy-sour frozen yogurt with your choice of toppings. I usually get walnuts and mocchi. Yum.

Ahhh, I sure am glad I chose to live in Central!

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