Monday, December 1, 2008

Taking my students outside

Hip hip harooney duney. Finally! I am taking my students on an outdoor adventure. Three days at an ecologically sustainable organic farm on an outlying island about 20 minutes by ferry from Hong Kong Island (who knew?). Grade 5s = 126, teachers = 12, activity organizers on site = 20 or so. Activities include waterfall hikes, tree planting, local flora lessons, beach cleanups, farming labour, walking with water buffalo, and sleeping in cabins.

Hurray for outdoor and experiential education. I am so excited. The site we are going to is called Ark Eden. For more details check it out here.

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Bruce said...

Hey Aloni!
We have really been enjoying your blog journalling. It really gives perspective on what Hong Kong is about and what incredible opportunities your school offers, and that you are taking great advantage of them!
It sounds like a great and splendid and vast adventure.
xo barb and bruce