Thursday, January 22, 2009

Horse Races!

Jodi and I had loads of fun at the Happy Valley Horse Races last night. We didn't win big but we enjoyed the thrill of the races and the crowds of people. It sure wasn't what I would have expected.

Today we had an amazing Chinese New Year concert at school, and our students were fantastic performers. Tomorrow is the last day before holidays, and we will dismiss the students at 11am. Then the staff will enjoy a Chinese New Year celebratory lunch, which should be nice.

Jodi and I are booked into a hotel in Macau for Saturday and Sunday! Planning to return on Monday for the Hong Kong night parade and also looking forward to the fireworks over the harbour on Tuesday!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jodi's here

Today was an interesting day at school as the community prepares for Chinese New Year. We had a flower fair, where I bought very cute stuffed oxen (we're welcoming the year of the ox (or cow)), sweet treats, dim sum and Chinese crafts. My students enjoyed it and are really starting to get excited for this upcoming holiday.

Jodi arrived at 3:15pm and has now crashed out for the night. She was awake for a good 50 hours or so, so she'll need to recuperate and adjust. Good to get rested up for the festivities to come. I can't wait to explore Hong Kong with her!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm coming back I promise!

I haven't known how to resume writing after such a huge chunk of time went undocumented. I have decided to forget about trying to fill you all in on the second half of my holiday (picture a yoga retreat, with no internet, no distractions, and sweet, sweet soul therapy) - I will just leave it at this: It was fabulous, and I thoroughly enjoyed my entire trip to Thailand. I was also trying to figure out how to recount the last 2 weeks of my return to Hong Kong. In short, Bonnie came to visit and we had fun exploring the city, eating out, seeing the sights and being very sick together. It became unexpectedly cold in Hong Kong at the start of January and I wasn't prepared for it! Ten degrees feels pretty cold when you have no heat or insulation.

So now I am back. Back to school, back to being healthy, and back to blogging. My dear friend Jodi arrives tomorrow to help me celebrate Chinese New Year and explore some of Hong Kong's culture. We will have many, many adventures, I am sure, and I will be here online to share them with you :)

Thanks for not giving up on me.