Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tourist for a day

Yesterday was one of the clearest, and coldest, days I have experienced in Hong Kong. After my busy day at school I rushed home, grabbed my camera and took off for the Peak. I decided to take the Peak Tram, a tourist attraction, that goes straight up the hill from Central to the Peak. I arrived up there at dusk and watched the sunset turn the sky orange and yellow over Lamma Island, and the HK skyline come to twinkly life below me. It was very cold, so once I had taken about 100 photos, I took the Tram back down to Cental.Then I took the MTR over to the Kowloon side to watch the Symphony of Lights. I grabbed a chai latte to warm up and found a perfect perch along the Avenue of Stars. The light show starts at 8pm and is even more elaborate now that the Christmas season is upon us. I took around 100 more photos, from that side, of the Hong Kong Island skyline and the Peak rising up behind it. I didn't talk to anyone, I just enjoyed being out in the few places I know of in Hong Kong where the view extends, unobstructed, for as far as you can see. I find that I need that sometimes. It is nice to feel the wide open sky all around you, even if it's night time.

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