Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saying goodbye to Koh Tao

Well tonight is my last night here on Turtle island. I have enjoyed most of my time here, and definitely honed my skills as a scuba diver. The weather hasn't been great (monsoon rains today), and the visibility in the water is very low, making the general conditions less diver-friendly than normal for this time of year. Oh well. I met some neat people and enjoyed loads of down-time. I actually spent more time today on the boat than on land, and since the sea was quite rough all day, I am still feeling the swaying effects hours after disembarking. When I am walking I feel steady, but through dinner and even know at this Internet cafe, the world around me is gently rocking like the sea.

Tomorrow I will change islands, catching a 9am ferry to Koh Phangan. There someone from the Yoga Retreat will meet me at the pier and take me to the north (quiet) side of the island. Ko Phangan is very famous for it's half and full moon parties, and for New Year's Eve it is said to be one of the best party spots in South East Asia. Luckily for me the famous beach parties all happen on the south end of the island. The Yoga Retreat is 1 short km from the beach, tucked into a hilly jungle landscape, promising to indulge my senses with relaxation and tranquility. I can walk down to the beach and snorkel or trek a bit in the mountains to a couple waterfalls if I seek activity, but I imagine the 4 hours of Yoga and Pilates every day will be rejuvenating enough. The retreat also offers a vegetarian restaurant and cooking classes as well as a herbal steam room and plunge pool (whatever that is). Check out the website here.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday time, and are looking forward to a great new year ahead.

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