Thursday, December 11, 2008

December in Hong Kong

Well the weather is getting cooler. It drops down to 11 or 12 degrees at night, and that can feel pretty cold in an apartment with no heater or insulation of any kind. It is a nice change though. I wear socks around the flat and drink tea more often and crank up the heat int he shower. The humidity has also changed drastically. I don't think it has rained more than one sprinkle since October! It feels like fall in Canada, and I can't help but feel inspired to prepare for an approaching winter season. It gets dark much earlier now adding to the effect, which I can't say I like too much, although the bus ride home at 5:30 has been a consistent showcase of stunning sunsets. But colder temperatures aren't approaching, and I am told that the cold won't progress much further. Before I know it it will be warming up and feeling like the tropics again.

Things are winding up at school, and I am looking forward to Thailand more and more each day. Thanks to my dad, I will also being sure to enjoy at least a couple days of scuba diving. I've been dreaming of diving in Southeast Asia for more than 5 years now. I can't wait.

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