Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Sister!

Today the grade 5s put on their annual Trash 2 Fashion show. It is part of our unit of inquiry about waste management, and the kids absolutely love the experience. To be honest, I was not that into it from the start, but as the preparations went on I became a bit more excited, mostly because I can see it as a better alternative to many other garbage-creating ways of decorating and celebrating this time of year. We had taken lots of photographs of the students in all 5 classes getting ready over the last 3 weeks and now with the video footage I shot of the actual show yesterday, I will be spending my weekend making a movie. This production will be shown to the parents at our Winter Concert this Wednesday evening, so there is a little pressure for it to be better than good.

So while everyone I know rushes around tomorrow night to multiple Christmas parties, eating and drinking way too much, and feeling gross in the morning, I will be contently and comfortably at home, creating art with my computer. Ahhhhh, lucky me :) I will get out and about a bit too though, as I do have a couple social commitments on my agenda than I am really looking forward to. Tonight I enjoyed dinner a cool little sushi restaurant in SoHo with John. A place we had both never been to. Then followed with mulled wine and cake at the Peak Cafe, where we ran into Cindy, Ross and Bruce, other teachers from school.

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