Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thai Christmas

I am off to Thailand in 4.5 days!! I can hardly contain my excitement. I wake up each morning smiling at the realization that I am one day closer to being there. I just booked in with a dive school called Big Blue. Check out their website here. They promise to have me swimming with sharks on the 2nd day - a dream come true. It's totally safe and I'll be with professionals Nana, don't worry.
Thanks to a lovely Christmas present from Dad, I went out shopping on Sunday to a Pro Dive Shop that was advertising a holiday sale. And what a sale it was, almost everything was half price. I walked out with a full piece, all black wet suit, as well as a high quality black mask and snorkel. I never dreamed I'd own an underwater bond-girl outfit! Look out Thailand :)

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Christine said...

Holy MOLY!!! That place is crazy! Are you getting the 7000bt luxury cabin. Just joking, the diving looks unreal, the beach looks so warm and fresh. You are going to be in paradise!