Sunday, December 14, 2008

Laundry Service

So here in HK I don't have a washing machine. I drop off all my dirty clothes at a laundry place (one of many in my neighbourhood) where they weigh it, charge me by the pound, and fold it neatly into these huge plastic bags for me to pick up a few hours later. If I drop it off in the morning, I can always pick it up around 6pm. But if I don't make it there until the afternoon, they usually tell me to pick it up the next day. So yesterday I drop off my laundry and she says come back tomorrow. No problem. This morning I pick it up but don't even unpack it because I have plans to meet John, go shopping for a cheap cell phone to use when my visitors come in January, some dive gear (yipppeeee) and maybe a Thailand travel guide. We ended up having dinner and seeing a movie in Times Square, so I got home around 10pm. I unpacked my laundry to find that my sheets (brand new, never used) are not in there! I am furious. I can't seem to think rationally. I am so angry. Not only were they really nice, lime-green NEW sheets (with robots, chemical formulas and computer code all over them), but I had never even slept on them! And now, all I can think is that they ended up in someone else's laundry bag, gone forever and someone else is nesting into them right now. How could this happen?

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