Friday, December 5, 2008

Back From Camp

I had a fabulous time camping with the grade 5s. We had adventures including swimming in the ocean and rock climbing up to swim in waterfalls, learning about wild water buffalo, planting trees on deforested mountainsides, organic farming and composting, as well as native tree identification and cooking with locally harvested foods. It was spectacular. For the most part, these kids are (were) the opposite of outdoorsy or adventurous. Camp definitely made an impact, and for a few it was a intense experience. I dealt directly with diarrhea, cuts and scrapes, vomit, homesickness, excessive rambunctiousness, arguments, giggles and belly laughs, fears and some of the best learning imaginable. It was a huge success. Now I am back home to enjoy another weekend with not too much going on.


Bruce said...

What a fantastic opportunity & memorable experience for the kids! Ark Eden sounds like a brilliant did you find out about it? a real treasure. xo barb

Christine said...

I love this photo. Your students are so full of life.