Saturday, April 25, 2009

Apple Education Leadership Summit - Hong Kong

CDNIS is hosting an Apple Education Event this weekend, and I am lucky enough to be able to attend it. So far I have seen a couple interesting speakers and was treated to a fancy 'do' at the 4 Seasons, but unfortunately the agenda hasn't left very much room for social networking or mingling (which is what I was really looking forward to). What I have found fascinating, and so novel for a shy kid like me, are all the ways I have been able to "meet" people virtually. The conference has encouraged a Twitter feed with tagged tweets, someone created a conference FaceBook group, and almost all the presenters have excellent edublogs and webpages detailing their work or work they have learned from. All of these tools have enabled me, in a demented sort of way, to "meet" people here at the conference without actually talking to them!

Here's something I found in my virtual mingling, that really grabbed my attention and plays directly into issues I have been tackling lately with my student's acceptable use of technology in our classroom.

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Bonnie said...

Until I pull myself together from that emotional 5 minutes I can only say WOW!